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Elite Membership

Athlete Pack

Live your best life with our brand new pro membership!

Becoming a member will enable you to attend a consultation designed to discuss your goals and aspirations. From there, you will receive a training program that is individualised to your preferences and needs! 

Your monthly subscription will allow you to receive a new program at the conclusion of the last, estimating to be a new program every month! These new programs will be built upon the previous exercises and program structure, to allow for optimal adaptations and continual growth to occur. 

You will also receive included around-the-clock support from the Resolute Health and Fitness team about any questions you may have whilst completing your program!

Breakdown: TBA

Pursue greatness with our brand new elite membership!

Becoming an elite member will enable all the benefits that come with the pro membership and more, enabling a personalised approach to your training!

Not only will this membership include an initial consultation to discuss goals and daily assistance from the Resolute Health and Fitness team, but it will also provide a more extensive program better suited to you! 

How? Through the inclusion of progress evaluations. 

Progress evaluations are designed to assess your progression through each program, with modifications to both exercises and program structure implemented where we see fit. These sessions will be conducted using Microsoft Excel Software, where graphs and tables will be provided to depict accurate results and detailed to your understanding. 


This will allow maximal optimisation of your goals - thus allowing you to reach your full potential.