Running Outdoors

Embrace. Pursue. Prevail. 

Reaching one's potential in life requires

embracing a new attitude, pursuing greatness and prevailing.




used to describe someone who

contains a purposeful

and unwavering determination

for life fullfilment.

(Oxford Languages)

Resolution is more about physical improvement.

It is also focused on mental stability and

confidence in one's own body.

The reality is that we do not have a long time

on this Earth, so we must make

every day and every moment count.

Resolute Health and Fitness are dedicated

to helping you make the most of your life on Earth

by motivating you to achieve your dreams and aspirations. Here, we will answer the why and how questions

through factual education that you can understand,

thus making the most of your experience.

In an ever changing world, we all must adapt,

which is why this will be more than a generic workout establishment. In the near future we will develop

support teams to tackle the evergrowing issues

surrounding mental illness, thus allowing people

to receive affordable and professional help.

Resolute is excited to help you get both the body

and the confidence required for a fulfilling

and long lasting life.

Personal Training

The Beginning to a Better YOU!

Join now to begin living your life to its fullest potential! Here at Resolute Health and Fitness, we have developed our own programs for those looking to achieve their physique goals, with Collection One 5 week and 10 week programs out now! 

These programs are catered to those who are looking for a different stimulus to further your gains and are not involved in a sport. This is also ideal for those who do not have the time to research and create their own programs or have been stuck in a steady state of minimal improvement. 

You also have the opportunity to receive a personalised program catered to your specific needs and goals. This is perfect for those just starting out their fitness journies and would like assistance along the way! Personalised programs are also advised for those involved with sports, as the current programs available in the workout centre are not sport specific and will not be able to optimise your performance in your respective code. 

Click the button below to view all of the services that we can provide to you all in one convenient PDF file. 



Liam and Resolute H&F helped me to learn key techniques to my running style and exercises that have been extremely helpful to my rugby as well as smashing personal bests. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to get physically fit and mentally healthy as his sessions were demanding in all the best possible ways!


Honestly had a lot of fun doing the morning sessions, the PT was great at explaining things and making sure your form was right. Would 100% recommend giving it a go!


This program was great for developing the fundamentals associated with sprinting technique and aerobic conditioning, definitely worth it!


I noticed during the training drastic improvement with my running and technique I incorporated this into my sport very quickly. This training helped me with my speed, technique, and fitness. The training was also enjoyable and loved every session!